Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, which includes my story "Puzzles," is now available at

Check out the table of contents below:

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Issue #1


Justice in Amerry-Ka by Bruce Taylor
You’re on trial by two giant spiders. Then things get bad.

The Sex Beast of Scurvy Island by Andersen Prunty
What if Scooby and the gang were traveling pornographers?

Puzzles by Michael James Gibbs
Sudoku is much harder without eyes.

The Pistol Burps by Jordan Krall
A surreal and violent prequel to Krall's forthcoming Spaghetti Western collection, Fistful of Feet.

Victim: A Story Inspired by Takashi Miike by Jeremy C. Shipp
A severed penis head and clowns await you.

Mr. Plush Detective by Garrett Cook
A Teddy Bear detective in a world of furries.


Four Scenes by Jeremy Kemp
Scenes of joy, decay, and the surreal.

Power Flower by Andrew Goldfarb
Man versus flower!


Punk Rock and Mother Punching: Author Spotlight on Gina Ranalli by Jeff Burk
A career overview and analysis of bizarro figurehead Gina Ranalli

My Bear Will Kick Your Ass: Reflections on Bizarro Book Promotion by Mykle Hansen
The trials and joys of a DIY bizarro book tour.

How to Write a Short Story! By Bradley Sands
English Grads, listen up!

The Squishiest Place on Earth: Report on BizarroCon 2008 by Jeff Burk
The sights, sounds, smell, and quotes from the first BizarroCon.

The 2008 Wonderland Awards
Book Roundup

Regular Features

A Rant from the Editor by Jeff Burk
Welcome and “What is Bizarro?”

Bizarro Book Reviews by Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, and Forrest Armstrong
Reviews of The Faggiest Vampire by Carlton Mellick III, The Caterer: Issue #3 by Steve Aylett, Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden by Cameron Pierce, House of Houses by Kevin L. Donihe,Piecemeal June by Jordan Krall, Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson, 13 Thorns by Gus Fink and Gina Ranalli, This City is Alive by Forrest Armstrong, Every Sigh, The End by Jason Hornsby, and The Menstruating Mall by Carlton Mellick III

The Bizarro Books that Never Were: Omega Flappy by Kevin L. Donihe
Kevin L. Donihe talks about The Flappy Parts.

Cover Art by Carlton Mellick III
Interior Story Illustrations by Angie Molinar
Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Burk
Copyeditor: Cameron Pierce


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